About Us/Contributors Guidelines

About Us/Contributors Guidelines

Founded in 1998, our mission is to inspire the ambition that will shape the future of our city. By setting a standard of accuracy in journalism that is backed up by expert opinion and brought to life by storytelling and images, we help people get the most out of living here. In particular, we shine a light on how great design, experiences in nature, and strong relationships can affect people’s lives. 

Our tone is curious about the next discovery, thoughtful about change, and lively — we bring context, and a sense of humour.

Interested in contributing to Ottawa Magazine?

We’re looking for fresh insights into city politics, as well as lifestyle industries such as food and design developments. In choosing editorial content, we look for stories that introduce something new, or offer a new take on an important issue, person, or space. As a city magazine we are rooted in space — from residential homes to public facilities — and the people, ideas, and forces that influence the changing shape of Ottawa. As such, all stories must be anchored in Ottawa.

We encourage people interested in contributing to familiarize themselves with our content, most of which can be found online. Our main features explore big issues that impact the city; these include profiles of notable people, as well as lesser-known people with compelling life stories. Of particular interest are equality, climate change, housing accessibility, and political accountability. At People and Places, you’ll find short, timely stories, entertaining articles about people, places, and things of importance to Ottawans. Our Eating and Drinking content reveals new restaurants and industry leaders, and often provides interesting insight into their career path, business ethics, and/or personal life. We also explore issues faced by the industry — problems, solutions, and behind-the-scenes moments. Our Homes section highlights unique and ambitious design projects, as well as profiles of people working within the architecture, design, renovation, and development sector. Most of all, every article features superb storytelling.

Compensation varies depending on the type of feature and is payable upon acceptance. We discourage unsolicited manuscripts and telephone pitches.

Please send all pitches to: feedbackottawa@stjosephmedia.com