Rare chance to see Nava Waxman’s ‘half told story’
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Rare chance to see Nava Waxman’s ‘half told story’

Coming off a show in Brussels, Toronto-based artist Nava Waxman returns to Canada — to Ottawa specifically, where her exhibit, Untitled Wall, opens this Thursday, May 12 at Wall Space Gallery. The vernisage runs from 6 to 9 p.m.

Untitled Wall will be a mixture of encaustic (wax-based painting), photography, video, and installation — all mediums used to capture Waxman’s creative process and leaving us with tangible moments of fleeting in-studio work. The idea behind the exhibit — in particular the use of different motives of art — is to show how they are connected through the process of creation. In other words, Waxman is much more interested in the potential of the act of creating, than the product itself.

“I am interested, not in the conclusion, but in a half told story,” Waxman explains. “In this body of work, I attempt to question the relationship between painting and performance.”

For the vernissage, visitors will have a rare opportunity to see Waxman in the process of the “half told story” as she will be at work in the gallery.

The exhibition will continue until June 5.
Wall Space Gallery, 358 Richmond Rd., 613-729-0003