SOUND SEEKERS: Acres, The Roboter, And What Army?
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SOUND SEEKERS: Acres, The Roboter, And What Army?

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Photo: Acres by Jamie Kronick

This weekend, Ottawa music fans get a chance to hear the new album from Acres in an intimate setting: the basement of Clock Tower Brew Pub. Released in March, A Gentle Reminder, is emblematic of an Ottawa sound: dreamy, ponderous, achy, with a bit of gut-level passion. With Cedars. Saturday, June 4. The Downstairs Club, 575 Bank St.

This new trio keeps it loud by layering on lots of effects on the bass and guitar. Kevin Earle, Ryan Hillier, and Johnny Nash are post-garage rockers that form the band And What Army? They collectively have a long history in the Ottawa scene. Nash was with ‘90s-era scene heroes King Kung and Bitchin’ Camaros previously; Ryan Hillier played in Crank and Chickpea; and Kevin Earle drummed for Design of Cities and Rockets Fall. With Departures and the Sound Technicians. Saturday, June 4. 8 p.m. $6. Zaphod’s, 27 York St.

On first listen, there seems to be something Depeche Mode-ian about The Roboter, aka, dark electronic musician Ron Carron, who names Brian Eno, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and Gary Numan among his influences. He scrolls through decades of electronic music and it comes across both in the style of his music and in its production. A 1939 Novachord synthesizer is part of his gear. With UK’s Attrition, Montreal’s Dark Digital, Toronto’s Glenn Love, and Ottawa’s Shane Whitbread. Friday, June 3. TIME PRICE Café Dekcuf, 221 Rideau St.