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SOUND SEEKERS: Top picks this weekend include Babes (and dudes) for Breasts, Chad VanGaalen at Ritual Nightclub, and Morgan Friend at the Elmdale

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Amanda Rheaume. Photo by Sean Sisk.

Babes for Breasts, an Ottawa fundraiser that’s been happening for the past five years, can change its name to “Babes and Dudes for Breasts.” That’s because this year, folkie Craig Cardiff contributed to the efforts. He’s the lone dude on a new compilation disc that’s very pink.

The CD graphics are lovely and the artists are Lilith in proportion: B4B organizers Ana Miura and Amanda Rheaume, as well as Joplin-vocalled Tara Holloway, and Wailin’ Jenny Annabelle Chvostek contribute tracks.

Cardiff, aside from being an intense songwriter, is on the compilation as a beacon. The B4B organizers thought it a good idea to note that dudes can get breast cancer too. Rheaume, of the rockin’ vocals, tells me so.

Rheaume and I meet at a Royal Oak in Hintonburg, one of the first places she played when she moved into the neighbourhood some seven years ago. The manager at the time was a man named Peter Lehman. She approached him and said, “Can I play here?” From there they became pals. He died last year — of breast cancer. Rheaume says his death is a reminder to keep doing gigs.

Babes For Breasts has raised $45K in the past five years with funds going to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre’s music therapy program. The efforts continue with a fundraiser concert this weekend.

Rheaume, Miura, Holloway, and Chvostek play Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Arts. Thursday, Oct 27. 7:30 p.m. $20.

Chad VanGaalen has one of the most intense, haunting, hair-on-your-neck-raising-good voices in Canada. The Calgarian has just released a few albums on tape and will be selling them on tour. (What the heck is the fascination with the lowly cassette, I ask?)
See Chad — and his tapes with their pretty, handmade covers — at Ritual Nightclub. Thursday, Oct. 27.

Morgan Friend, when not frontin’ rockabilly act the Bible All-Stars, plays a mean folkie tune. He’s releasing his first solo album, Angel Goin’ Down, which features a who’s who of the Ottawa scene — Ray Harris, Steve Donnelly, Dave Kerr, Dave Cooper, Maxim Cossette and Joel Carlson all contributed.
Friday, Oct. 28. Elmdale Tavern.

The Balconies are a tight little Toronto-via-Ottawa trio playing hot rock for the hipster set. Their new EP is called Kill Count and front gal Jacquie Neville’s voice is headphone honey.
See them Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Live Lounge.