SOUND SEEKERS: Free Music! Fevers “Dance Cry Dance” gets remix love
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SOUND SEEKERS: Free Music! Fevers “Dance Cry Dance” gets remix love

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Fevers. Photo by
Fevers. Photo by Shooter McNally

Fevers release remixes of their banger track

Ottawa indie-electro band Fevers has a new remix EP. You can get it for free by liking their Facebook page. On the album, there are a handful of reworkings of their banger track “Dance Cry Dance,” one of the poppy highlights from their dark-pop full-length album No Room for Light, which was released last summer.

Upon the record’s release, Sound Seekers said:

“The album wavers between revelry, melancholy and back again as captured in the song, “Dance Cry Dance” with its anthemic wail about forgetting all your problems. The full-length album is a stunning, outta-the-park debut from the city’s top-shelf indie-electro band.”
Out of all the album’s songs, “Dance Cry Dance” is an obvious candidate for remixing, both from a technical aspect — there are plenty of spots to drop in beats or change up the the pace — and also from a sense of song. The tune’s mix of pathos and party gives producers plenty of options for amplification and embellishment of either mood.

There are fine takes on the song from Adam Saikaley, who gives “Dance Cry Dance” a disco-bounce aesthetic, while Dialoog adds an out-there ambience that’s pretty magical. There’s a version redone by Legion of Green Men, plus a transformation of the track “In Your Bones” that was helped along by star producer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Austra).

To help explain the album, we turned to each member of Fevers to ask them to champion a track from the album.

Here goes:

Track One: Dance Cry Dance (Radio Edit)

Jim Hopkins (bass): “It’s the original — you can’t go wrong! Joking aside, we did cut it down a little bit for the radio. You know those guys don’t like you going past four minutes!”

Track Two: In Your Bones

Sarah Bradley (vocals, keys): “We’ve had this song on the back burner for a year or so, and I’m stoked about the ‘80s ballad transformation it got. Having Damian Taylor involved was exciting too!”

Track Three: Dance Cry Dance (Adam Saikaley Disco Fever Remix)

Martin Charbonneau (keys, guitars): “I love Adam’s take on the song — all the new parts and the funky flavour. It will definitely get people going on the dance floor at Ceremony!”

Track Four: Dance Cry Dance (Dialoog Remix)

Mike Stauffer (drums, sampling): “It’s just a bit crazy, isn’t it?”

Track Five: Dance Cry Dance (Legion of Green Men Dub Remix)

Colin MacDougall (guitar, vocals, keys): “We wrote Dance Cry Dance at a mellowed-out cottage in Gracefield as a pumped up dance track. Now it gets a crazy old-school dub remix by Canadian electro-music pioneers Legion of Green Men. Back to its mellow roots—perhaps this is the song it was supposed to be!”

See Fevers on the main stage at Westfest on June 15.