SOUND SEEKERS: Long-weekend roll call — MC Boogat, A Tribe Called Red, and other shows you should be checking out
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SOUND SEEKERS: Long-weekend roll call — MC Boogat, A Tribe Called Red, and other shows you should be checking out

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A cultivated, curated guide to the best Easter weekend happenings. Hop to it! (Groan.)

MC Boogat plays Ritual Nightclub on Saturday. Photo by Philippe Sawicki.

For Fans of QC MC Poirier
Quebecois MC Boogat raps like his moniker. His words spill out in “boos” and “gats” with a gruff tone reminiscent of his contemporary and collaborator, MC Poirier. Unlike Poirier, who raps in French, Boogat rhymes in Spanish to a jagged beat, which he says represents the future of Latin music. Boogat (aka Daniel Russo Garrido) released his first full-length Spanish-language album, El Dorado Sunset, in February. It’s a dynamic blend of rough and smooth and the jarring effect makes for some ear-tangling tunes. Boogat plays Ritual Nightclub Saturday. DJ Nom de Plume (from Radio Radio) opens.

Don’t Miss the Opening Act
Sigur Ros is the headliner at Scotiabank Place on Good Friday and we all know how much they’re praised for their stratospheric Nordic-ness etc., etc. Alas, I must make a case for the opening act, Tim Hecker, who’s been on the Canadian electronic scene for ages and can spin out that complex, high-art, electro-fuzz, head-searing stuff like the best of them. Doors are at 7, showtime is 8 p.m., tickets range from $40-$60, plus all those unexplainable, overpriced service charges.

DJ Crew’s New Mix
A Tribe Called Red — a DJ crew whose members are often in the news for opposing bad sports-team names — are hosting a special edition of their regular Electric Pow Wow dance bashes on Friday. This one will be held at St. Brigid’s Cultural Centre on St. Patrick Street. The DJ crew will headline the event with an opening lineup featuring three different aboriginal musicians. Hear an exclusive A Tribe Called Red DJ mix here.

Bombay the Clubby Way
Awaaz is the DJ handle of Montrealer Nav Awaaz, head and founder of Bombay Records (Fred Everything, Derrick Carter). The Montreal label was launched in 1998, specializing in dancefloor/disco/soul. Awaaz is also a club DJ who produces his own tracks, remixes other artists, and handles curatorial and production duties for the label. He was instrumental in the launch of famed Montreal after-hours club Stereo too. Awaaz will be at the Mercury Lounge tonight with resident DJ Trevor Walker and Ray Ray at Overkill.

Is This Weirder Than Pet Sounds?
Halifax-dwelling wacky-electro-popmaker Rich Aucoin released this brilliantly silly video for his song Brian Wilson Is A.L.I.V.E. It’s where Aucoin lays his Beach Boys love out on the line for all to see. Aucoin and director Noah Pink took home the $5,000 Prism Prize this week for the work. Aucoin is in Ottawa Tuesday to play Maverick’s opening for k-os. While sadly the tickets are sold out for this gig, we wanted to draw your attention to a fun vid and tip our hats to a Canadian music maker.

Happy Easter!