SOUND SEEKERS: Mid-Summer Night’s Rock
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SOUND SEEKERS: Mid-Summer Night’s Rock

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In peak cottage season when the weather is blisteringly hot and the turf from the festival ground is recovering, we return to the clubs for a selection of mid-summer music for those craving air-conditioning and cold beer. A look at this weekend’s best bets and highlights from the concert calendar.

Jane's Party. Photo by Courtney Lee Yip.

Jane’s Party
Think of Jane’s Party as a bunch of kids who grew up on Jane’s Addiction doing a more placid manifestation of the visionary art-rock of the 1980s band. The Toronto group plays contemporary indie rock with an appreciation for vocal idiosyncrasies — it’s what sets them apart from the plaid-sporting pack. The band just released its second album, Hot Noise, on June 4 on TO label Cameron House Records. The band plays a CD release show at the Rainbow Bistro on July 19.

‘90s or Bust
Painfully out-of-date music and fashion gets a fresh airing at Babylon Nightclub for this monthly DJ night that celebrates the tunes and television of two decades ago. The Facebook page for this event allows attendees to submit their playlist requests in advance. The likes of Wreckx-n-Effect (of the song “Rump Shaker”) and LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” are indicative of an era. Those songs recall a mood and a time, and to further the effect, organizers will screen ‘90s sitcoms all night. Expect Blossom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the like. Nineties or Bust is DJ’d by Palm d’Or and Pat Johnson and takes place the third Friday of the month.

Coming Soon

  • Michael Feuerstack plays the two-day Arboretum Festival, August 16-17, outside Arts Court.
  • Fevers will play a handful of evening and daytime shows over 24 hours starting August 23, to launch their new album No Room for Light.
  • Leif Vollebekk plays the Folk Festival on September 7 at Hog’s Back Park.