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SOUND SEEKERS: New band alert — Saturday night is your chance to check out the Ottawa trio Glorious MoonRockets

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Glorious MoonRockets (looking kind of mysterious in this photo) open for Finderskeepers at the Plaster Babies CD release party on Saturday.

Glorious MoonRockets are a new trio kicking out sludgy jams with a psychedelic bent. Their debut self-titled EP — released last month — was recorded in a Manotick shack to amplify that worn in sound. It was mastered by Paul “Yogi” Granger at Meatlocker Records, his studio that specializes in making metal and rawk bands sound their rawest.

The EP kicks off with a noise track — a big blast of feedback — to set the tone, before flowing into tracks called “Sharp Ends,” “Bus Stop,” and “They Can Really Shake (Ya Know).”

“We play fast and loud and we make a lot of noise — good noise,” says Chris Landry, 34, chief longhair and songwriter for the band. Landry used to write roots rock tunes in the band Harvey Kartel, before moving into rock ‘n’ roll with Glorious MoonRockets. (The band name comes from a Dave Norris lyric). Landry plays with Jamie Gordon (also of Golden Bulldozer) on bass and David DiMaria on drums.

Landry says technical perfection isn’t the band’s forte.

“I’m not a really great singer,” he says. “I’m not going to fool anybody with my voice because I’ve got an awesome range or something. I have to be behind what I’m singing for it to sound good.”

In punk tradition, they’re hoping to trade on their raw power and grit.

Glorious MoonRockets open for Finderskeepers at the Plaster Babies CD release party on Saturday, December 8. Burgers on Main, 343 Somerset St., W., 9 p.m., $7 ($5 with a food bank donation).

(WTF? It’s called Burgers on Main, since their Manotick location is situated on the prime thoroughfare. The Ottawa location is actually on Somerset, off Bank Street — FYI.)

Loviatar — the Ottawa band that does doom rock in an epic fashion — release their new CD called Widow’s Flame at the Dominion Tavern on Saturday with Alaskan and Barrow Wight (10 p.m., $8). Read all about Loviatar’s epic ethos in a previous post here.