SOUND SEEKERS: Ottawa Mix List
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SOUND SEEKERS: Ottawa Mix List

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In time for the holiday season, Sound Seekers revives the annual tradition of creating an all-Ottawa mix list that celebrates the work of capital-city musicians and bands. Stream the mix here and get dancing!

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Gilded frame or not, there’s no way you can call Dave Secretary, left, and Johnny O fancy-pants folk. They prefer to go by the name Big Dick. Photo by Rémi Thériault.
Dave Secretary, left, and Johnny O of Big Dick. Photo by Rémi Thériault.

1. Katacombs by the Steve Adamyk Band
This punk-rock banger clocks in at a minute-sixteen! Gotta love the big woah-oh-oh chorus.
Read more about the band in this Sound Seekers post.

2. Hurt People Hurt People by Kalle Mattson
This forthcoming concept album sounds “vaguely Wilco-ish” as Mattson told Ottawa Magazine earlier this year.

3. Too Hot to Trot by Big Dick
When you make big raw awesome tunes like this, you’re bound to draw some attention. Calling your band “Big Dick” also helps.

4. Golden Children by Pony Girl
These guys, part of the Pop Drone collective, are so Euro-cool.

5. The Sun Is Up by Danniel Oickle
Electro-theatrical musician shows his folkier side in this beachy tune.

Photo by Bonnie Findley.
Photo by Bonnie Findley.

6. Goodnight by Fevers
These mix list regulars are masterful at creating lamenting dance floor glee.

7. Battle Suite (edit) by The Souljazz Orchestra
This is a four-minute cut of the thirteen-minute-long battle tune that the soul-funk outfit played at this year’s House of PainT breakdancing competition.