SOUND SEEKERS: Rockers’ (and Rhymers!) Resolutions
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SOUND SEEKERS: Rockers’ (and Rhymers!) Resolutions

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We polled capital city musicians for their 2014 ambitions. Many plan to stop procrastinating — or to cultivate highly effective habits with the cat. From obvious to awesome, herewith the 2014 edition of Rocker’s Resolutions.

Reg Allen
The bass player for longtime Ottawa punk band GOOD2GO says he and the band would like to finish up their new recording for 2014, which is also be the band’s 15th anniversary. Because of that special occasion, Allen says it, “would be awesome to be selected to play Ottawa Bluesfest 2014.” Hint, hint. The band is gig-testing new tunes, including a track called “If You Want It.”

Amanda Cottreau
The songwriter just released a single called “Almost Christmas“, which she recorded with Dean Watson of Gallery Recording Studios in The Glebe. “We had so much fun and he was so easy to work with, that it got me thinking that it’s time to get back into the studio,” Cottreau says. It’s been more than three years since my last release, Universe in a Soft Shell, and now I have so much new material that I’m going to need help picking the songs,” she says. “My resolution this year is to stop procrastinating and get to work on a full-length album.

Peter Joynt plans to explore the city by foot and bike more in 2014.

Peter Joynt
The MC started writing a new song called “Feel Good” that will feature samples from an anti-bullying presentation he gave at his old public school, Elmdale. “I recorded a gym full of kids yelling, ‘Feel Good,’ which I mixed into the track,” he says. “It’s pretty powerful, and will be a great song to use at upcoming school visits.” He resolves to do more of these talks in 2014. “Motivational speaking has been the latest phase of my music career,” he says. “It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s an amazing feeling being up in front of so many people and inspiring them to believe in themselves. I’d like to reach out to as many kids as I can, for my well-being and theirs,” he says. He also resolves to walk and ride his bike more often. “I started doing this a lot in 2013, and really got a lot out of it. The city is even more beautiful on foot and on two wheels. So that is my mission.”

 Photos:  Shannon Rose: She’s not a cowboy on a steel horse ride.  Photo credit: Mauricio Ortiz
Shannon Rose has a long list of new year’s resolution. Photo by Mauricio Ortiz

Shannon Rose
Songwriter Rose and her band, The Thorns, are currently working on a new full-length album to be released in 2014. Rose will be on tour in the U.K. in April and is booking summer dates across Canada. She resolves to, “learn to knit and/or draw and play piano and/or another instrument,” in addition to finishing her copy of War and Peace.

Matt Ouimet
The irrepressible musician has a hectic schedule for 2014. He’ll be playing at Jeremy Fisher’s live shows in support of Fisher’s new album. He hopes to join songwriter Craig Cardiff on his touring schedule too. Ouimet worked on Cardiff’s new record, Love Is Louder, last year. Ouimet plans to release an album with his band The Super Awesome Club and another with trumpeter Craig Pedersen. He’s also busy writing music for cartoon series from Nickelodeon, Teletoon and Radical Sheep Productions, a gig his artist friend Dave Cooper helped hook up. “I love playing music with my friends,” Ouimet says. “Musically I had a great 2013, but 2014 promises to be even better.” In addition to resolving to stay on deadline for his many projects, Ouimet also took a stab at some more conventional resolutions for you, dear reader.  “He resolves to: “Give my left hand a chance at being the dominant one; no longer bend to the cat’s wishes; start saving my pennies; teach myself to sleep with one eye open; and to micro-manage the contents of my pockets for a more effective key-retrieval experience.” Man, if we all did that, what a place the world would be.