SOUND SEEKERS: Slyde feeds the angst
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SOUND SEEKERS: Slyde feeds the angst

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They have most of the metal-rock tropes down pat: hirsute head bangers with a fondness for clothes that are either threadbare, black, or both.

The Ottawa four-piece called Slyde are pretty identifiable from a distance. Where they fall off the bandwagon is in their increasing efforts to add some sort of depth to their lyrics and compositions.

On their new album, Feed the Machine, the twentysomethings put their BMus degrees to work with mind-bending arrangements and lyrics that resonate with undergrad angst about what’s wrong with the world:

Apology given too late, for actions of hate
Today, the choices we make, decide our fate

It’s not all heavy-hearted feelings though. The band keeps their Rush influence at the forefront with stadium-style anthems that just beg for their own lightshow.

Skilled playing, roots in hardcore, an ear for a hook, not to mention electronic flourishes that add an indulgent quality to the songs, make this a band you can’t just dismiss as a bunch of kids coming out of the garage. There’s something there, even if the sound isn’t yet fully formed.

Slyde CD release show. Monday, Aug. 15. 7 p.m. Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St.