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101 TASTES ISSUE: Spotlight on #19 — Dick’s triple-chocolate hand-dipped milkshake

Ethereal, whimsical, daring, and just plain delicious — Ottawa Magazine’s summer ‘101 Tastes’ issue provides the ultimate must-try list for local gourmands. Try all 101. Available on newsstands throughout June, July, and August, or order online.




#19: Dick’s triple-chocolate hand-dipped milkshake 
It starts with old-fashioned chocolate ice cream from Tracey’s Dairy, an Ottawa Valley institution. Several scoops get whirred together with chocolate milk and chocolate syrup, each element subtly elevating the chocolate intensity. It arrives at the table in classic soda-shop style — a giant fountain glass filled to the top, crowned with whipped cream and a cherry. Lamenting the moment the final slurp goes up the straw, you suddenly realize an entire second milkshake awaits in the stainless-steel cup. $5.59. Dick’s Drive-in & Dairy Dip, 1485 Merivale Rd., 613-274-3425. ~ Shawna Wagman

Photography by Marc Fowler / Metropolis Studio
Photography by Marc Fowler / Metropolis Studio