101 TASTES ISSUE: Spotlight on #49 — Grilled four-cheese tosto from Bread & Sons
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101 TASTES ISSUE: Spotlight on #49 — Grilled four-cheese tosto from Bread & Sons

Ethereal, whimsical, daring, and just plain delicious — Ottawa Magazine’s summer ’101 Tastes’ issue provides the ultimate must-try list for local gourmands. Try all 101. Available on newsstands throughout June, July, and August, or order online.

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Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux Studio

#49. Bread & Son’s grilled four-cheese tosto  At Bread & Sons, this quickie lunch is called tosto — Italian for “at once” or toast — but really it’s a grilled cheese. A sumptuous one, though — no surprise, given the tweaking persistence of ever imaginative owner and baker Yoav D’Vaja. The crunch of these buttery ridges and edges yields to a rich, oozing concoction of four melting cheeses. (No, we’re not at liberty to give out the recipe.) Then, depending on which one you’ve ordered, you might hit the sharpness of giant capers, the sweetness of caramelized Spanish onion, or the fresh through-cut of Italian parsley. Don’t forget a bite of the simply made coleslaw, then another of dill pickle. Certainly the best grilled cheese — uh, we  mean tosto — ever. $7.96. Bread & Sons, 195 Bank St., 613-230-5302. ~ Cindy Deachman