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101 TASTES ISSUE: Spotlight on #80 — Kimicha’s Masala Chai and Michaelsdolce peach cardamom jam

Ethereal, whimsical, daring, and just plain delicious — Ottawa Magazine’s summer ’101 Tastes’ issue provides the ultimate must-try list for local gourmands. Try all 101. Available on newsstands throughout July and August, or order online.

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#80. Kimicha’s Masala Chai and Michaelsdolce peach cardamom jam 

Just one (and in our opinion the most remarkable) of the twinnings in the clever pairing repertoire of this crack Ottawa-based team of Kimicha premium loose teas and Michaelsdolce’s marvellous jams. The masala chai premium loose-leaf tea and the peach cardamom jam (made during Ontario peach season) are striking together. Whip up a batch of scones (or pick up some from The Scone Witch) and go boil the kettle. Soften a bit of Stirling Creamery’s 84 Butter (see 101 Taste #74), spread it on the scone, add a dollop of the jam, and after following (to a T) the directions for ideal water temperature and perfect steeping time, pour yourself a cuppa. Take a sip and then a bite. A bite and then a sip. What an afternoon! A package of three Kimicha teas paired with three Michaelsdolce jams is available for $15 at Isobel’s
Cupcakes & Cookies
, 1018 Wellington St. W., 613-742-0777. ~Anne DesBrisay

Find masala chai tea and cardamom jam at Isobel's Cupcakes & Cookies, 1018 Wellington St. W. Photo by Chris Lalonde; styling by Noah Witenoff.