101 TASTES: Ottawa Magazine presents the must-eat list you cannot resist
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101 TASTES: Ottawa Magazine presents the must-eat list you cannot resist

101 Tastes: the must-eat list you cannot resist
(Image: photoluxstudio.com/Christian Lalonde)

We sent our food insiders on a quest to comb every corner of the city to find — and share — the very best things to eat. They left no crumb unturned. From classics and cravings to guilty pleasures and palate-challenging picks, it’s the stuff that makes eating in Ottawa an awe-inspiring adventure. Dig in to the ultimate guide to the city’s must-try tastes.


What price elbow grease? Well, get yourself a cone of Gelatini’s pistachio gelato and find out. We ask Gelatini’s owner, Monica Pilotti, why on earth she shells the pistachios by hand. And why squeeze lemons one by one with that little glass reamer? Is she not aware there are machines for these purposes? She smiles ruefully, as though she knows that the answer proves she never went to business school. “I found the lemon juice bitter when I used the electric machines. And the shellers impart a metallic tang to the ice cream that takes away from the purity of the pistachio flavour.” Right. So the nuts are roasted and then shelled by hand, and the lemons are squeezed the way our grandmas did it, and that’s just the way it is when you care deeply about your product. You taste that care: hands down, the best pistachio gelato in the city. From $3.50. Gelatini Gelato, 344 Preston St., 613-235-8050. ~AD