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101 Tastes To Try Before You Die

The Breakfast Club

It’s time to take the most important meal of the day seriously. Our suggestions for the ultimate home-style breakfast

7 The Red Sea coffee beans
A blend from Ethiopia and Yemen makes for sharp, deep coffee. Roasted dark on the premises. $13/lb. Ideal Coffee, 176 Dalhousie St., 613-562-1775,

8 Milk
If you’re old enough, you’ll remember when milk came in glass bottles. Cochrane’s Dairy Farm in Russell still sells milk that way — and with old-fashioned taste to boot. $2.95/L, plus a $3 deposit on the bottle. Sold at Kettleman’s Bagel Co., 912 Bank St., 613-567-7100; 2177 Carling Ave., 613-722-4357; 1222 Place d’Orleans Dr., 613-841-4439; and about 10 other locations.

9 Thyme & Again’s cranberry peach jam
Peaches give this jam its softness, while cranberries bring luscious red colour and fruity flavour. $7.75/314 mL. Thyme & Again, 1255 Wellington St. W., 613-722-6277,

10 Piggy Market peameal bacon
There are so many reasons this artisanal product kicks supermarket-bacon butt. It starts with a tasty heritage breed of piggy (Tamworth) that’s brined for a week in salt, sugar, bay leaf, and Amarillo chili for a slightly citrusy zing and then rolled in cornmeal. Sliced to order. $30.80/kg. The Piggy Market, 400 Winston Ave., 613-371-6124,

11 Art-Is-In 12-grain and fennel seed
Dynamite baguette The bread that launched a thousand addictions. Devotees can be spotted all over town tearing off and devouring hunks of this beautiful bread with abandon. Knock-offs abound, but this is the original recipe created by baker Kevin Mathieson, laced with passion, pure extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and a light lingering licorice flavour. $4.95. Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne Park and about 20 retail locations.

12 Kefir
Russia’s answer to yogourt, kefir tastes more complex, with a slight sweetness balancing the sour. I’m a convert. $5.99/kg. Sold in a returnable glass jar ($1 deposit). Herb & Spice Shop, 1310 Wellington St. W., 613-722-5747.

13 Red Apron’s peanut butter and banana handcrafted gourmet granola
gets a sexy makeover with the unexpected addition of natural peanut butter, local honey, and crunchy banana chips. It’s the best yogourt topper in town. $10/500 g. The Red Apron, 571 Gladstone Ave., 613-321-0417,

14 Free-range eggs
Just like in the old days 40 years ago, these hens, reared near Oxford Station, have the run of the barn. And their eggs? Tasty with good, firm yolks. From $3.75/doz. Beking Poultry, at the Byward Market, 613-258-5396,

15 Spicy fennel sausages
Made with high-quality pork shoulder butt and nothing else except fennel seed, chilies, and salt. Plump and juicy. $9.99/kg. Luciano Foods, 114 Preston St., 613-233-1972.