An Appetite for Art
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An Appetite for Art

Inspired by a trio of well-known public works of art, three foodies design their own masterpieces

When it comes to public art, the capital’s reputation could, for the past 150-plus years, best be described as lacklustre. Same goes for its food. Just a few decades ago, you’d have been hard- pressed to find more than a few patinated bronzes of dead white guys scattered around our parks and deep-fried zucchini was de rigueur. But skip forward to today, and suddenly we find ourselves on both the artistic and culinary maps — local masterpieces of art and food abound, enlivening our public spaces and dinner plates. Which got me thinking — what if one were to marry the two creative pursuits?

“If dishes of food are works of art,” writes Elizabeth Telfer in Food for Thought, “then food is an art form.” So take three foodies. Show each a standout work of art. And see what happens.

Masterpiece theatre: (left to right) Marc Lepine of Atelier, Kris Hamilton of Thyme & Again, and Yannick Anton of Signatures design and build their own food-based artistic creations after viewing three well-known local works of public art (Photography by Lalonde)