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BEHIND THE SCENES! A quick tour through the new terra20 eco megastore (opening Sept. 15)

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Urban Hippies across Ottawa are tapping their feet with impatience, because we’re getting a brand new, highly enticing stomping ground. On September 15, the doors of Canada’s largest eco store will open, beckoning the environmentally, fashion, and design-aware to come and spend in the face of some 12, 000 items, all of them friendly to the environment.

terra20, located at 2685 Iris St. in the Pinecrest Mall, will boast home decor, kitchen goodies, baby items, clothing, makeup, and personal care items, and scads more, all of it under one roof.

Naturally, The Urban Hippie was itching to see this green mecca, and finangled her way into a sneak peek tour before the doors opened to the public. Able photographer John Kealey documents the ride as staff put the final touches in place.

Click on any image to view the slideshow of behind-the-scenes pictures: