Best Four Eateries that Defy Classification
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Best Four Eateries that Defy Classification

The dining-out biz in Ottawa has grown to the wonderful point that not every place fits the standard definition/structure we usually assign to restaurants. Here’s a bunch of places that don’t fit the strict ligature of restaurant classification, but that you really should check out.

LE CAFÉ: Chioggia and golden beet root (Photograph by Lalonde)

107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar

Situated in the middle of the tame and predictable Glebe, bursting with mediocre pubs and Indian restaurants, Fourth Ave. is a great place to go for a cocktail or an exceptional glass of wine in a chill environment. Food? Go for lunch; go for a light dinner. The small steak frites is the best deal in town, and the daily specials are imaginative. 107 Fourth Ave., 613-236-0040, 107,

Murray Street Kitchen Charcuterie Wine

The best charcuterie in town awaits, paired with smash cheeses and excellent pickled sides. Awesome patio and crazy mojitos. 110 Murray St., 613-562-7244,

Savana Café

This wonderful, cozy, gimme-a-hug resto is all about the love. It’s been there in that snappy heritage house since, like, the 1400s. Never mind that — go for the Carib-inspired nosh and the fun cocktails. 431 Gilmour St., 613-233-9159,

The Whalesbone Oyster House

Too small to be called a resto and too big to be just a bar, the Whalesbone splits the difference. The food, served up in a kitchen the size of my ass, is run by Charlotte Langley. She knows that quality fish doesn’t need a big sauce to be yummy. 430 Bank St., 613-231-8569,