Café My House gets taken over! Star lineup announced for two evenings of vegan eats

It’s happening! As Café My House Chef Briana Kim, who took home gold in the Ottawa segment of November’s Gold Medal Plates competition, preps for the upcoming Canadian Culinary Championships, her fellow chefs are planning the “takeover” of her kitchen.

Chef Kim heads to Kelowna for the Culinary Championships on February 2 and 3 — that’s when 10 fellow chefs will swoop in, keeping Café My House open while she goes for gold against top chefs from around the country.

Here in Ottawa, it’s a once-a-year opportunity to be wined and dined by five stellar chefs at one sitting. Bonus: They’ll all be stretching their talents for a fully vegan evening.

The details: Dinner begins at 6pm on both Friday, February 2, and Saturday, February 3. Five chefs, one sumptuous menu priced at $100 (with an optional wine pairing for $55). Reserve through Café My House (613-733-0707 or

The chefs: It’s a great lineup of chefs on each of the two nights. You likely know them all, but City Bites has included a quick one-line primer just in case. The beauty will be in the magic that happens with all these superstars rubbing shoulders in one kitchen.

Friday, February 2 

Saturday February 3

City Bites Hot Tip: Just one. Book immediately! Heck, book for both nights. The chef takeover only happens once a year and will give you food for thought for the next 12 months. Besides, what else are you doing on a Friday or Saturday night in February?