CAPITAL PINT: Previewing upcoming beer fests — and who’s releasing new brews
Capital Pint

CAPITAL PINT: Previewing upcoming beer fests — and who’s releasing new brews

The 3rd annual Ontario Craft Beer Week kicks off on Father's Day with events around the capital.

By Travis Persaud

We have more beer-related events and news than the government has public servants. (Ouch. Too soon? Don’t take us too seriously; we’re talking about beer. Beer! It will ease the pain.)

Best Father’s Day Gift. Ever.
Forget about that gaudy tie, fountain pen, or Hugo Boss shirt. Your dad doesn’t want them. Same goes for those cheeky cufflinks you found at a gag store (the shape and form of which will not be mentioned here) and that cool reversible belt you “really think he needs.” Trust us, he doesn’t need them.

He wants to drink, and drink with you (if you’re of age, of course). Nothing’s better than some outdoor frivolity with a pint (or three), which will inevitably lead to a heartfelt, relationship-changing conversation.

That’s why the 3rd annual Ontario Craft Beer Week, which kicks off on Father’s Day, is the perfect time to thank dad for being dad. There are events taking place all over the Capital Region, highlighted by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. releasing four new brews (!); a craft beer and artisan cheese tasting on June 19 at Kichesippi, in conjunction with Savvy Company; and a pub crawl on June 21 led by Beau’s, Muskoka Brewery, and Flying Monkeys.

Pucks and brew
Big Rig is open! After much talk and anticipation, the gorgeous brewpub opened its doors this past Tuesday. This is, of course, the brewery led by Ottawa Senator Chris Phillips. The pub, which is located at 2750A Iris Street, will be serving five staple beers that are brewed on site, alongside a seasonal. We couldn’t be happier to see another quality brewery open its doors in the capital!

Yes we can!
HogsBack Brewing Company will be bringing a new look to the LCBO next week. They’ve scrapped their six-pack bottle format and are moving to a single-serve 473mL can. So, why the switch?


  • Cans provide more protection; air and light can’t get in, which can destroy beer quality.
  • They’re better for the environment than bottles, and are also lighter (meaning they can ship more at one time).
  • It allows you to bring HogsBack to places such as campgrounds that have banned bottles.
  • It’s much less of a commitment to buy one can than it is to buy a six-pack, so they’re hoping this will open them up to new customers.

Plus, it has opened new doors for the brewery. The move to cans means they can expand beyond the Ottawa region, and will have their Vintage Lager in LCBOs across the province.

I’ve got a fever and the only cure is…

…a sweet festival.
On June 22 and 23 The Clocktower Brew Pub presents Fever Fest. The two-day festival features a host of great local talent playing at the Glebe location and Irene’s Pub. It also kicks off Clocktower’s new Summer Seasonal Series, with The Wit being their first release. It will be pouring all weekend during FeverFest!

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