Six Budget-Friendly Sandwiches
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Six Budget-Friendly Sandwiches

For the Summer Issue of Ottawa Magazine, our Food Editors noshed their way around the city discovering their top 43 bites on a budget + seven more from local chefs to round out the Top 50 List. Below are six sandwiches worth every penny nickel.  Have the summer issue mailed to your home or get it digitally.

1. Krakowska sandwich

Nothing slapdash about these Polish sandwiches from the Baltyk Delicatessen. Stuffed between two slices of light rye is a goodly amount of sliced Krakowska, a lean smoked pork sausage. Owner Teresa Miklas adds mild, buttery Edamski, the Polish version of Edam, and creamy Polish mayonnaise. Ogórek kiszony tops off the sandwich. (A dill pickle, of course.) $5.
Baltyk Delicatessen, 935 Carling Ave., 613-761-7450

2. Bifana sandwich

“Why call it a bifano when it’s not beef?” asks a GaloPiriPiri customer. “Why call a hamburger a hamburger?” answers owner Marco Almeida. This sammie is filled with thickly cut pork slathered with a spicy sauce, Almeida’s secret recipe of 20 ingredients. But it starts with piripiri, a fiery condiment the Portuguese discovered through Africans. You’ll be blown away! $5.95.
GaloPiriPiri, 40, prom. du Portage, Gatineau (Hull sector), 819-771-7474

3. Art-Is-In bread sandwiches

Happy, cheery places, these morning owls, with well-crafted sandwiches served on Art-Is-In buns, priced cleverly for those in a rush to get back to the desk: all $7.50 after tax. Plop down the spare change, and off you go. Good thing, because these guys do a brisk business.
Morning Owl Coffeehouse, 538 Rochester St., 613-402-6951 and 139 Bank St., 613-240-9883

4. Banh mi sandwich

There are loads of places out there that ladle up a decent pho, and Co Cham may well be one of them. But we use the place for the banh mi sandwiches, as do a mess of Carleton U. students, who always seem to show up ahead of me in the daily queue. $3.
Co Cham, 780 Somerset St. W., 613-567-6050

5. Smoked meat

A lunch of smoked meat on rye with ballpark mustard? Come now — try to branch out. How about slow-roasted smoked pork with gremolata and a wheat-berry salad? Or a turkey sandwich with cranberry that tastes like Boxing Day? Okay. Okay. Meat in the Middle also plates an amazing house-smoked beef brisket on rye, served with the best spud salad in the city. $7.95–$9.50.
Meat in the Middle, 311 Bank St., 613-422-6328.

6. Meatball sub

Yes, it’s cramped, and yes, it’s cluttered, and there’s not much more than a college fridge, a hot plate, and a monstrous rosemary tree. But can Genio Ienzi ever make a sandwich! Daily special announced on Twitter. Like this one: chicken butter brandy and rapini with goat cheese. But we usually go straight for the meatball sub on Lenzi’s own rosemary-flecked ciabatta buns. $9.95.
Sanguiccio Cafe, 183 Preston St., 613-569-0456