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City Bites Hot Tip: New fermented ‘pop’ coming to a resto near you

Chef Patricia Larkin (formerly of Black Cat Bistro) has an ambitious new project aimed at the thirsty masses. Buchipop (great name!) is Larkin’s own version of kombucha — the on-trend fizzy, cold tea that gets its bubbles through fermentation.

Devotees will tell you that this naturally fermented “pop” aids digestion and gut health. We can’t prove that, but we do know it’s tasty. Already, Datsun, Quitters, Supply and Demand, Pressed, and Two Six {Ate} are carrying Buchipop, selling it by the bottle and experimenting with it in their springtime cocktails.

Dr. Greenthumb, a cocktail at Two Six {Ate} featuring Larkin's Buchipop. Photo: Sarah Brown
Dr. Greenthumb, a cocktail at Two Six {Ate} featuring Larkin’s Buchipop.

City Bites Hot Tip: Two Six {Ate} has recently incorporated Buchipop into a hot new cocktail they have dubbed Dr. Greenthumb. It celebrates spring with a crisp, clean taste that combines Buchipop green tea kombucha with green apple, lime, cilantro, and white rum. Bring on the warm weather!