City Bites

City Bites Hot Tip: Mantovani 1946 opens first North American gelato franchise in ByWard Market

How appropriate! A new Italian gelato and pastry shop right beside the Scooteretti electric scooter store. We can almost pretend we’re in Italy, grabbing a leisurely espresso and gelato during the afternoon riposo (that’s Italian for siesta, folks) before heading back to work on our hip, cherry-red scooter.

Mantovani 1946 opened its doors earlier this summer, serving up coffee, gelato, and pastries from a light, bright, and pretty space in the former Domus Café location. The gelato selection changes daily, although a few firm favourites like lemon, hazelnut, and fior di latte are in permanent rotation. $5.50 for a small cup (in which you can choose two flavours).


City Bites Hot Tip: Ask the well-informed staff for suggestions. Sure, you can get your usual pistachio, but why not branch out? On our visit, we tried Siciliana, a creamy gelato studded with candied fruit. Our description: Imagine frozen cannoli filling (minus the shell) crossed with the chewy fruit we love so much in spumoni ice cream. Not for everyone, but to our tastebuds, brilliant!