City Bites Hot Tip: Pumpkin Soft Serve Ice Cream!
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City Bites Hot Tip: Pumpkin Soft Serve Ice Cream!

Three days only! That’d be today, Friday, and Saturday. And it’s just our luck that the second week of October is serving up perfect weather for ice cream eating. Celebrate the season with a quick stop at Holland’s Cake and Shake (229 Armstrong St. in Hintonburg) for a dreamy, creamy, enormous pumpkin soft serve in a homemade waffle cone ($4.44), then wander the Parkdale Market for a pumpkin or fixings for Thanksgiving dinner.

For just three days, Cake & Shake is serving pumpkin soft serve – perfect for this warm October weather!

City Bites Hot Tip: You’re still reading this post, so you obviously have a sweet tooth. Treat yourself to one of Michael Holland’s cartoony-cool mini cakes for later. This week’s fall-themed lineup includes, you guessed it, Pumpkin, as well as Maple Apple and the terrific-sounding Oreo Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Photography: Sarah Brown