City Bites Hot Tip: The Soup Guy
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City Bites Hot Tip: The Soup Guy

Now open! Just in time for the cooler weather, Soup Guy Café opens a Glebe location.

Soup Guy Café opened last weekend at the corner of Bank and Fifth

It’s a sure sign of fall, the Soup Guy Cafe (873 Bank St.) opened last week in the Glebe. Downtown office workers will be familiar with the original Soup Guy Plus and its gregarious owner, Claudio Fracassi, who has operated a lunch counter at the World Exchange Plaza for a few decades now and is known for naming signature soups after the federal politicians who stop by. The Glebe version of the café shares the menu, but will appeal to a lunch crowd of students and work-from-homers, while after-work types might stop in for quick and easy family takeout. Prices range from $5 for a small soup to $14 for a family-sized takeout portion. Wraps and paninis also on the menu.

soup and wrap from Soup Guy Cafe
A small soup and wrap goes for $10.80

City Bites Hot Tip: Take advantage of the free tasters! As the Soup Guy Café finds its footing in the neighbourhood, friendly staff are happy to offer 3 or 4 tasters to showcase their soups to newbies.