EAT THIS: Suzy Q’s ice cream doughnut sandwich—I dare you!
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EAT THIS: Suzy Q’s ice cream doughnut sandwich—I dare you!

The doughnut ice cream sandwich: why didn't I think of that?

As if a Suzy Q gourmet doughnut isn’t already enough of an overindulgence, now you can get it sliced in half like a bagel and stuffed with chocolate and/or vanilla soft-serve ice cream. A sandwich can be constructed on-demand using any of the available doughnut flavours.

The question of how then to eat it becomes a messy and marvelous problem to solve. From my experience, I’d say that picking up the whole thing like a sandwich and taking bites is not advisable. The ice cream all squishes out the sides. I had more luck removing the “lid” (for separate eating) and devouring the sandwich open faced. Alternately, a plastic fork can help in the frantic stabbing, pulling, and shoveling required to get ahead of the melting process on a warm summer’s day. Sticky business.

The first bite brings back a flood of memories of birthday cake and ice cream from childhood. But the sophisticated flavours of lemon and jasmine in my doughnut give it gravitas. At least that’s what I told myself as I shoved a doughnut ice cream sandwich down my gullet.

Suzy Q, 991 Wellington St. ,