FOOD BUZZ: Art-Is-In recovers from fire and prepares to move bakery into huge new digs
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FOOD BUZZ: Art-Is-In recovers from fire and prepares to move bakery into huge new digs


Art-Is-In Bakery will be expanding soon. Its new industrial location will allow for greater production and retail space.


Word has been spreading about a fire at the Art-Is-In Bakery located behind the Ottawa Bagelshop. Devotees were worried when their favourite loaves were absent from the Ottawa Farmers’ Market last weekend. Owner Kevin Mathieson tells me he was surprised by rumours that the whole bakery burned down when really it was an electrical fire in one oven (which is now out of commission) and that the bakery was back in production by the next day. He hopes to return to the market this weekend, even if it means he will only be able to produce a fraction of the usual amount of bread.

It was a minor distraction for Mathieson who is busy working on an exciting new project: plans are underway to expand his business by moving the bakery into a much bigger location very soon. The new 5,400-square-foot warehouse space is set in City Centre, an inner industrial area situated near downtown, Hintonburg, Lebreton Flats, and Chinatown. “It’s like Brooklyn was years ago — there was nothing there. And look at it now,” he says.

Construction is underway this week while Mathieson awaits the arrival of a new oven with double racks that will allow him to increase production. From there he plans to start expanding Art-Is-In’s product line to include morning pastries, sandwiches and rustic desserts. “We’re going to rock and roll with lots of new products,” he says “When customers walk in they will smell butter and fermentation of the dough and see tons of different kinds of croissants.”

Stay tuned, City Bites will bring you more updates on Art-Is-In Bakery soon.