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FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Celebrate the Sens season opener with… buttermilk pie?!

Buttermilk pie by - Christian Lalonde

Jesus, take the wheel — and pull over at the Antrim Truck Stop! It may not look like much, but neither did country singer Carrie Underwood when she was waiting for her turn on stage at American Idol. Five years later, buttermilk pie had the paparazzi in a twitter when, amid high-security at her Georgia wedding to Ottawa Senator Mike Fisher this summer, the custard-like dessert emerged as the one confirmed detail. Like a parent beaming with pride on their child’s wedding day, Canadians were searching for a way to celebrate the nuptials, and found it in buttermilk pie. While some reportedly ordered from the same café in Greensboro that catered the Fisher-Underwood affair, others flocked to the Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior, where Big-Rigs Bakery serves up a delightful slice complete with flaky crust, crispy baked-sugar top, and a creamy filling of sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk. Sweet, but a tad bland, it’s called the FisherWood. Slice $3.50, pie $10.95. Antrim Truck Stop, 580 White Lake Rd. 613-623-3003.