City Bites

FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Cindy Deachman picks the ultimate cherry turnover

Cherry turnover from Bread & Sons Bakery. Photo by Jean-Paul Cloutier

Bite into this delight. Crisp puff pastry is followed by the richness, the deep lusciousness, of cherries inside. A simple dusting of icing sugar is sweet. Precisely what makes this turnover so delicious, so delectable, so exquisite? It’s more than ingredients of good quality — the fresh butter, the unbleached flour, the dried cherries, the squeeze of a lemon. It’s more than sparing no expense. Yoav D’Vaja, baker and owner of Bread & Sons Bakery, has worked out a recipe that has satisfied his own requirements, his own demands. For Yoav D’Vaja has never let go of his pride. One expects he never will. $2.25 each.

Bread & Sons Bakery, 195 Bank St., 613-230-5302,