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City Bites Hot Tip: Found! Singing the praises of Farm Boy’s ice cream sandwiches

Ever left a mass-market ice cream sandwich on the counter and marveled at how it doesn’t really melt? The science of that has to do with a lower cream content and the addition of various emulsifiers and stabilizers. In other words, cheap and tasteless ice cream slapped between two cardboard-y wafers. Now we can hear what you’re thinking — who has the cash for small-batch artisanal ice cream sandwiches when you’re likely going to be handing them out to a bunch of non-discerning kids? We hear you.

With that in mind, here’s today’s find for the cash-strapped but discriminating lover of ice cream sandwiches. Farm Boy. Head to the freezer and grab a box of ice cream sandwiches — 6 for $5.99. Cheaper per sandwich than a chocolate bar. Farm Boy’s Madagascar vanilla ice cream (yes, the first ingredient on the label is actually cream) is pressed between two chewy fudge-chip cookies. It may not be exactly “hand-crafted,” but for regular snacking it can’t be beat.

Artisanal quality, kid-pool-party pricing.

City Bites Hot Tip: Next time you’re invited to a kid-filled pool party, take them out of the package and put them in your own Tupperware. Unless someone asks directly (and you’re a bad liar) no one ever has to know that you didn’t make dessert from scratch. You’re welcome.