OPENING SOON! Brothers Beer Bistro in the ByWard Market
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OPENING SOON! Brothers Beer Bistro in the ByWard Market

The "Brothers" behind the bar in the construction zone: (l-r) Nick Ringuette, chef Darren Flowers, Patrick Asselin

Let’s get the answer to “brothers” question out of the way: co-owners of the soon-to-open Brothers Beer Bistro are not biologically brothers. Patrick Asselin and Nick Ringuette are brothers in the ‘best buddies’ sense of the word. It’s the nickname they have for each other. And upon meeting them for the first time, it’s easy to see why they are friends. They are both warm, charming, fun-loving guys… with matching facial hair. The kind of brothers everyone needs.

Apparently Asselin’s bushy beard is the result of a promise he made (and perhaps now regrets) when he signed the lease for 366 Dalhousie St. that he wouldn’t shave until the 75-seat ByWard Market bistro opens later this month. Ringuette, the self-described “laid-back one,”  keeps his beard tidy while he works his final shifts at The Black Thorn where he has been a beloved bartender for the last six years. “I’m not a crazy mixologist, not a flare guy,” he says, “My thing is that I want everyone to feel like they are in my basement bar.”

So the name “Brothers” stuck because these guys really wanted to emphasize the importance of having a fun new social hangout spot where everyone feels like one of the family. “We want to bring back that social aspect of being out on the town,” says Asselin who practiced the art of hospitality most recently as service  manager at Play Food & Wine, “Instead of seeing people in restaurants on their phones and texting, we want to go back to people talking and interacting.”

When I stopped by last week, the gas had just been hooked up and chef Darren Flowers, the third “brother,” was eager to get in the kitchen to work on his menu. Flowers, who was most recently Steve Wall’s sous-chef at Luxe Bistro and previously at the Whalesbone, says he’ll be incorporating beer into all of the food — either as the braising or brining liquid or in other ways (beer vinegar, beer mayo, pickling with hops, bread made with spent malt from the brewing process). Even desserts will feature beer — Flowers plans to make his own beer ice cream.

Check out their facebook page for updates on Brother’s opening date.

Brothers Beer Bistro366 Dalhousie St., 613-282-9452.