City’s first bone broth bar opens — Muckleston & Brockwell ladle out chicken & beef ‘tea’
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City’s first bone broth bar opens — Muckleston & Brockwell ladle out chicken & beef ‘tea’

Those who swear by its restorative properties refer to it as liquid gold — We’re talking about bone broth.

And, just in time for the deep freeze, Andrew Muckleston of New Edinburgh’s Muckleston & Brockwell has opened the city’s first bone broth bar inside their butcher shop, serving up a choice of chicken or beef broth ($3.77 for a large cup, with all the extras).

On the side, Muckleston’s homemade hot sauces, as well as a selection of fresh herbs and chopped veggies, allow each customer to customize their elixir of choice.

For those not steeped in the ways of the broth, it’s made by simmering the bones for many hours, allowing time for all of the beneficial micro-nutrients and collagen protein to find their way into the broth.

Many of us are used to using broth as a base for soups and in recipes, but the idea here is to consume it like a (very hearty) tea.

The “extras” to add to your broth are always changing, but the regular rotation includes fresh cilantro, turmeric, rosemary, lemons and limes, as well as thinly sliced carrots, celery, and onions. Rice noodles sometimes join the mix, making it easy to transform that cup of broth into a light lunch.

Find it: 127 Beechwood Ave. Open Tuesday to Sunday (Tuesday – Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 10am-5pm).

Hot Tip #1: Have you added some heat and like what you’re tasting? Muckleston has five hot sauces for sale, so take one home and try it out in your own recipes. There are barrel-aged and scotch bonnet versions for heat lovers, a cherry-chipotle sauce for middle-of-the-roaders, and milder jalapeno or jalapeno-gin sauces for the heat averse.

Hot Tip #2: It’s that time of year (you know, when you have no time to cook and people keep stopping in unexpectedly). While you’re sipping that bone broth, take a minute to browse the take-home freezer and grab something homemade to tide you over.