Cold Comfort: The Classic Ice Cream Sandwich
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Cold Comfort: The Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

Quick, choose! Either you have to haul water up from the lake for dishes or go without dessert. What’ll it be? I know — it’s a tough one. Because of course the cottage is where you go all out, especially on the eating front. And dessert’s a big part of that. Only one problem, though — a minimum of planning’s involved (because you can’t call stale marshmallows dessert). Is there even a bag of flour in the cupboard? If only someone had thought to bake an angel food cake beforehand, we could slice it and spoon macerated strawberries overtop for a refreshing respite. Meanwhile, that little six-year-old brat is whining about wanting a bag of M&M’s, crabbing about someone driving him to the nearest store, for Pete’s sake.

But wait! Here’s help from Mel Hein, owner of the tiny Good Eats café on Albert Street. She has a great — and simple — version of the classic ice cream sandwich. No fancy equipment needed.

Ice cream sandwich Photography - Christian Lalonde
Easy ice cream sandwich. Photography – Christian Lalonde

Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

This no-churn ice cream recipe is so cottage-friendly, you can make it with just a bowl and whisk (although you do need a freezer). Bake your own cookies for sandwiching, or make life simpler by picking up a bunch of your favourites — Good Eats chocolate chip, for instance? — en route to the cottage.Makes 4 to 6 sandwiches


300-mL can sweetened condensed milk

3 cups 35% whipping cream

1 pinch salt

1 tsp vanilla (optional)


Scrape condensed milk into a bowl and add whipping cream. If you want to save on dishes, simply refill the empty milk can twice (right to the top) with cream and add to the bowl! Add salt and, if you’re using it, vanilla (you can also experiment with other flavours, adding Earl Grey tea, fresh mint, orange zest, or crushed berries). Whisk mixture vigorously until it’s nice and frothy — this should take only a minute or two. For a slightly lighter ice cream, use a stick blender or handheld beater. Pour mixture into a container and freeze until firm, anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the shape of your container. Hein suggests freezing the ice cream in a metal baking pan to hasten the process. You can also pour the mixture into muffin moulds for perfectly round individual servings.