Cylie brings its artisan chocolate to Old Ottawa South
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Cylie brings its artisan chocolate to Old Ottawa South

Cylie Artisans Chocolats has returned! Chocolatiers Cyril Nebout and Leslie Yang ran their unique chocolate shop on the north Dalhousie strip from 2013 until 2018, creating exquisite handcrafted, hand-painted chocolates and selling their own line of teas, all beautifully packaged. 

Now the dynamic duo is back, this time with a larger boutique on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South (Cylie is across the street from the Mayfair Theatre). The roomier location allows Nebout and Yang more space to create so, in addition to chocolate and tea, the couple will offer fine patisserie and viennoiserie

There’s room to seat 30, so passersby are encouraged to stroll in for dessert and coffee or tea. Also on the menu: gourmet hot chocolate and specialty coffees. And plans are afoot for some memorable dessert nights. 

City Bites Insider caught up with the owners to discover what chocolate lovers will swoon for at the new Cylie.

What’s New
While fans of the original Cylie can be confident they’ll find the stalwarts from the first Cylie — hand-painted chocolates, cute chocolate robots, hot chocolate, organic teas, and Yang’s delicate homemade greeting cards — the “what’s new list” is just as lengthy.

The patisserie program, which used to be an eagerly awaited monthly occurrence, is now available every day. Stop in and choose some treats or (pre-order to ensure your favourite cake is not sold out before you arrive).

Also new is a weekend viennoiserie program, with classic French croissants, brioche, and pain chocolate among the treats on the menu. 

The Look
Nebout and Yang spent a year renovating their new location, creating a café with a boutique feel that is both calming and upscale. Cylie’s classic teal still dominates the branding, but it’s in a deeper, richer tone. Cakes are beautifully displayed in glass cases, with packaged teas and takeaway chocolate treats adorning a full wall of shelving. 

Plus, wide glass doors at the back of the café look into the pristine kitchen so visitors can watch Nebout and his staff creating chocolates and pastries.

On the Menu
Chocolate Éclair: Choux pastry, choux pastry cream, craquants, chocolate glaze

Apple Deluxe: Sablée crust, almond cream, caramelized apples, Chantilly cream, coffee-chocolate decoration

Blueberry Cassis Tart: Sablée base, almond cream, local Quebec blueberries, cassis cremeux, Chantilly cream, freeze-dried raspberries

Chocolate Bonbons: Flavours include salted caramel, yuzu, passion fruit, peppermint tea, and cassis

Select Treats: Hand-rolled truffles, chocolate bars, dark chocolate pistachio buttons, caramel popcorn with dark and white chocolate

Hot Tip: In the lead up to Easter, watch for Nebout’s whimsical creations to make an appearance — a sophisticated throwback to a childhood pleasure.

Hot Tip #2: Do be sure to stop in for a specialty hot chocolate before winter ends. Our pick? The strawberry hot chocolate is a unique and not-too-sweet option made using premium Valrhona strawberry chocolate. 

Hot Tip #3: Need a hostess gift? Cylie chocolates are especially giftable, their elegant gift boxes available in a variety of sizes.

Find It: 1071 Bank St. (across from the Mayfair Theatre)

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.