City Bites

City Bites Hot Tip: Impress your guests! Edgar’s Marysol Foucault presents three eggy Easter recipes

You know the brunch lineups will be out the door on the Easter long weekend. But no matter. Marysol Foucault — a.k.a. the force behind the intimate retro-chic Edgar café — has you covered.

In the spirit of “Eastertaining,” Foucault has joined forces with the Egg Farmers of Canada to debut three (get crackin’!) mouthwatering recipes. On the menu: Sundried Tomato Strata Bites; Ham and Swiss Mini-Yorkshire Pudding; and Rösti with Gribiche Sauce and Smoked Fish. Download the recipes from and get a practice round in before your company arrives.

Foucault’s ham and swiss mini-yorkshire puddings

City Bites Hot Tip: Maximize the wow factor by serving up the cute mini Yorkshire puddings as evening munchies and saving the strata (a casserole) and smoked fish for a more extensive brunch menu. When your guests exclaim at your prowess, you can decide on the spot whether to take all the credit or confess that the recipe goddess is Foucault.

Foucault’s sundried tomato strata bites.