DesBrisay Dines: Aunt Thelma’s jerk pork pie
DesBrisay Dines

DesBrisay Dines: Aunt Thelma’s jerk pork pie

According to celebrity telly chef Jamie Oliver, jerk pork is Usain Bolt’s favourite meal. It says so in Oliver’s intro to the Caribbean classic stew, a recipe I clipped a while ago. Apparently, Bolt is a sap for his Aunt Lilly’s version. I’ve developed a fondness for Aunt Thelma’s. She pulls her pork and stuffs it in a pie.

You probably know the traditional Jamaican patties – hand held turnovers filled with spicy ground beef (they make terrific ones at The Piggy Market). These pork pies from the same little family-run company responsible for introducing a line of vigourous chutneys, rubs and hot sauce, make a nice change if you’re in the market for that. I picked them up at Seed to Sausage and ate them on the weekend. Didn’t even bother with a green salad. Scarfed them down with plantain chips and a side of Aunt Thelma’s Peppered Pineapple Preserve for some extra sis-boom-bah. It felt like summer might finally be here.

The pie starts with good flaky pastry with proper heft — ready to take on a meaty filling without falling apart. Inside is heavily-spiced and fired-up pulled pork, moist and onion-ed, with a slightly-more-than-sly presence of scotch bonnet pepper heat. It’s one of those incredibly simple items that eats like it was made with care and thought.

Find the pies, frozen, at Seed to Sausage, Around the Block Butcher Shop, and Grace in the Kitchen last I checked. $5.99