DesBrisay Dines

ANNE’S PICKS: Anne DesBrisay waxes poetic about pulled pork — and Murray Street’s brunch

Solid goodness: Oozing out of the pancake, a wildly rich filling of barbecue pulled pork, baked beans, and aged cheddar cheese.

Here’s a brunch pick for you. Or, more precisely, “That Weekend Thing” at Murray Street, with its Mission Statement of  “Pork Fat: we put that #%$# in everything!”

Indeed they do. Come hungry and come keen, ’cause if you’re looking for cool riffs on the bacon and eggs breakfast and have no interest whatsoever in seeing anything green on the plate, Murray Street delivers with unabashed enthusiasm and no shortage of heft.

This is brunch that will stick with you all day. Maybe all week. This dish in particular — a pulled pork “potaco” they call it because the taco shell is fashioned with potato. Oozing out of the crisp and gooey rosti-like pancake, a wildly rich filling of barbecue pulled pork, Murray Street’s baked beans, and aged Pine River cheddar cheese. On top, a smoked tomato relish and on the side a dollop of sour cream. Canadian comfort food at its very finest.

The post-brunch plan was to work it off with a long, hard skate. Plan B was to have a nap. As luck would have it, the canal was closed.

Cost: $15

Open: Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Murray Street, 110 Murray St., 613-562-7244.