DesBrisay Dines

ANNE’S PICKS: A celebratory scone and jam in honour of the Royal birth

London Traffic Jam J1 combines apricot, strawberry, and gooseberry. Stir it up to get the full flavour. Terribly good.

Today may well be The Day. It’s been dubbed The Great Kate Wait. CBC Radio suggested there hasn’t been this much interest in the birth of a baby since Jesus Christ was born. The international press has been outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital for weeks, camped out beneath the scorching sun of a London heat wave. And it’s quite possible we’re all a bit weary of the hourly despatches, the fanatic fascination.

But let me tell you, my nieces can’t wait. Their anticipation is pure joy. They’ve taken the day off day-camp: too a-flutter to spend the day just swimming and monkeying around. A baby was going to be born. A royal baby. They’ll be boiling water today. For tea. And they’ll be baking scones, they tell me. Mummy’s made strawberry jam. They have Reddi-Whip. What will I be doing?

Right. So. To please my favourite little girls, and in honour of the baby whose life of enormous privilege will be mostly intolerable, I bring you my terribly English breakfast. A vanilla scone, English Double Devon Cream, and this new-to-me jam from Taste of London. It’s called London Traffic Jam J1. Apricot, strawberry and gooseberry are the fruits. The latter tends to sink to the bottom, so you’ll need to stir it up to get the full flavour. Terribly good. All from The Scone Witch.

Feeling one of the girls now.

The jam (12oz) costs $9.99.

The Scone Witch, 388 Albert St., 613-741-2959.