ANNE’S PICKS: Red Apron brings Toronto’s Selsi salt to Ottawa
DesBrisay Dines

ANNE’S PICKS: Red Apron brings Toronto’s Selsi salt to Ottawa

No need to trek to Toronto for salt by Selsi — DesBrisay discovers it's carried closer to home at Red Apron.

Friends and family find my fondness for salt pretty accommodating. It tends to be the easy-peasy go-to when it comes to birthdays and Mother’s Day and so on. I have hinted that I also like socks. No use. The salt keeps pouring in. Hawaiian Red and Peruvian Pink and Indian Black Salt. Fleur de Sel and Flor de Sal. Sel Gris and Sel de Guerande. And from a darling little shop called Selsi at the Jarvis Entrance of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, a small jar of Italian Black Truffle salt. A salt-lover’s Shangri-la, Selsi also sells high quality peppercorns and Indian spices and pastes, along with stuff to make your bath smell great, and on and on.

I still have a bit of that precious Truffle Salt left – amazing on popcorn and risotto – and had planned to pick up some more when next in Toronto. And then yesterday, while browsing the wonderful Red Apron on Gladstone, I found Selsi, and some lovely pink pinching salt mined closer to home. This salt’s from Saskatchewan. It’s called Prairie Pink, comes packaged in a squat jar with a black lid and a little wooden dip spoon. High in iron oxide and trace minerals, it has a sweet-salty flavour and has so far improved everything I’ve sprinkled it on.

A 127 gm jar costs $6.99. I should think it would make a lovely gift for the salt lover on your list.