DesBrisay Dines

EAT THIS: Anne DesBrisay stumbles upon tasty (and adorable!) Canada Day Cookies

Colourful confections decorated with oh-so-Canadian words. What do you think aboot that?

By Anne DesBrisay

I popped in for a loaf of bread. But there they were, arrestingly red, standing on guard, tall and proud on a Boko Bakery cookie sheet, and a┬ádozen slipped effortlessly into a Boko box. Patriotic gems, they were,┬ápoking some fun at iconic Canadianisms, in the form of easily downed, utterly restorative sugar cookies. I just called. They’re making more.

Cost: $2.50 each

Boko Bakery, 264 Elgin Street, 613-230-2656