Destination Dishes: Edgar’s Dutch Baby
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Destination Dishes: Edgar’s Dutch Baby

With Edgar’s small but changing brunch menu, the only dish you’re guaranteed to see weekend after weekend is the Dutch Baby. “We made it in the first year and never took it off the menu,” says chef/owner Marysol Foucault.

Achieving that perfect balance of sweet and savoury, the fluffed-up pancake-like base typically holds a puddle of maple syrup, crispy pork belly, apple, and a chunk of aged cheddar; keep your eyes peeled for seasonal variations.

Photo: Christian Lalonde,
Photo: Christian Lalonde,

And don’t let the “baby” in its name fool you — this is not a diminutive dish. It’s the stuff brunch dreams are made of. $17

— Chez Edgar, 60, rue Begin, Gatineau  

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