Destination Dishes: Stofa’s Seafood Tower
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Destination Dishes: Stofa’s Seafood Tower

Stofa’s Seafood Tower is full of drama: liquid nitrogen is poured over the bed of ice on the tower’s base, so its crackling arrival sounds as theatrical as it looks. Reminiscent of a high-tea platter, two tiers feature a changing selection of market-fresh seafood: shucked oysters, tiger shrimp cocktail, scallop ceviche …

Photo: Christian Lalonde,
Photo: Christian Lalonde,

A recent tower included playful mini lobster tacos, beet-cured Arctic char sashimi, umami-packed skewers of artichoke hearts wrapped in anchovies, and a tangle of perfectly cooked calamari. Colourful accoutrements also dotted the tower, along with nori chips, salt and vinegar popcorn, and crostini.

The only thing missing — a sea breeze. Price: expect $70 as a baseline.

Stofa, 1356 Wellington St. W.  


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