SuzyQ, Mimi’s, Maverick’s, Mr. Luko, and Holey Confections: 5 doughnut destinations
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SuzyQ, Mimi’s, Maverick’s, Mr. Luko, and Holey Confections: 5 doughnut destinations

When it comes to the deep-fried delicacies, do you really care how your doughnut spells its name? Here, five decadent donuts that can be found in the Ottawa area, photographed with care at The Carleton Tavern by Remi Theriault and his team at House of Common.

Photo by Remi Theriault

Mavericks Donuts
In a world that consists mostly of yeast-made pastries (puffy and light), Mavericks focuses on the forgotten cake donut (thicker and tenderer). Check out their mint-with-chocolate-sprinkles above. If you thought you were a yeast-donut type, Mavericks will convince you otherwise.,  307a Richmond Rd. and five other locations

Mimi’s Donuts and Dairy Barn
Mimi’s slings ice cream and dishes out donuts in a tiny space near the Rideau River and will soon be back at the Hard Rock Casino when it opens in late 2021. We love their signature cannoli donut, bursting with ricotta cream and their chocolate glaze with caramel and peanuts (below, centre). Instagram: mimi_manotick, 1088 Bridge St., Manotick

Photo by Remi Theriault

They started at farmers’ markets, took their tasty offerings to a teeny-tiny shop in Hintonburg, and now SuzyQ sells through three locations covering Hintonburg, St. Laurent, and Bells Corners. Like this creation with multi-coloured sprinkles (above, right), their stuff is always fun and flavourful. Their latest spot is a simple counter at the old Café My House. 1015 Wellington St. W. and two other locations

Photo by Remi Theriault

Mr. Luko
Mr. Luko steps away from the standard Greek honey balls by offering such toppings as caramel, chocolate, pistachio, and sprinkles. There’s even a sundae option. Just don’t call them Timbits., 1 Springfield Ave. and 2533 Bank St.

Holey Confections
Holey Confections appeared despite the pandemic — or perhaps because of it, as we all craved sweet escapes The Armstrong family went all in with their dream of opening a bakery, first selling their 140 layer creations through Stittsville’s Honey Coffee Bar and now through their own cafe. 1564 Main St., Stittsville and 35oo Fallowfield Rd.