Five Gifts for the Gourmet Who Has Everything
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Five Gifts for the Gourmet Who Has Everything

At the start of 2020, nobody could foresee exactly how much time we would all be spending at home. But all of those extra hours in familiar surroundings meant plenty of time to tinker in the kitchen, and suddenly everyone has their own sourdough starter, garden and pantry full of preserved summer vegetables. Were all a bit more gourmet now, and that means were a bit harder to shop for when it comes to holiday gifting. Fear not. Whether its finding the right bottle of wine or new must-have kitchen gizmo, here are five gift options for the gourmet who has everything.  

For the savvy sipper

2020 truly was the year of Sauvignon Blanc. Its popularity is skyrocketing in North America, and whats not to love? Its crisp, easy drinking and extremely versatile, and pairs just as well with a fire-side porch session as a finely prepared holiday meal. One of Sauvignon Blancs prime growing regions is New Zealands Wairau Valley—a region known as the Golden Mile to those in the know. It’s where Stoneleighs Latitude Sauvignon Blanc hails from. What ultimately goes in your glass is the product of juicy ripe grapes grown in optimal conditions. It’s a wine bursting with tropical fruit aromas and unique minerality from the buried ancient river stones that surround Stoneleighs vines. Whether youre pouring it for a toast or passing it along as a gift, Stoneleighs Latitude Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect holiday pairing. Find it in the Vintages section at the LCBO. $21.95.

For the aspiring chef

Everythings online nowadays—even cooking classes. And just because you cant be in a lab with an instructor showing you the ropes doesnt mean you cant learn to produce your own culinary marvels at home. Located in a Hintonburg heritage building that once housed a fire station, the Urban Element features live how-to demonstrations on making everything from breakfast pastries to après ski cuisine. Each class comes with an ingredient kit with optional add-ons (including wine), meaning you or your gift recipient will not only learn a new technique or two, but dinner will be covered at the same time. Gift cards are available for $50 and up.

For the boulanger in training

Now that seemingly everyone has a ripe sourdough starter on the go, its time to actually make some bread. Apart from the dough, all thats really needed to get baking is a hot oven and a heavy lidded pot. But the French Pantrys sourdough essentials kit comes with all the tools necessary to really hone the at-home sourdough process. It includes a banneton for giving your loaf that eye-catching boule shape, a scoring tool for slashing elaborate patterns in the dough, a two-loaf baguette pan and more. $69.99.

For the coffee connoisseur

With all the extra time were spending at home, our coffee consumption is through the roof this year. Apart from buying whole, freshly roasted beans and grinding them immediately before brewing, true coffee obsessives know the way to ensure a top-notch cup is to weigh the grounds, ensuring the ideal ratio of coffee to water. It sounds unnecessarily complicated, but a barista-quality coffee scale makes it easy. Centretown’s Pot & Pantry stocks a number of high-grade digital kitchen scales. But for true barista quality, the Acaia Pearl measures your beans down to the tenth of a gram. (It can also do things like time your brewing cycle if youre into the pour-over method.) Not only that, but it looks like something Steve Jobs would have designed. $220. Available from the retailer

For the ultimate at-home pizza

Even during the holiday season, when were planning grand feasts and leftovers for days, nothing beats pizza night. But rather than the usual delivery routine, restaurant-quality Neapolitan pies are finally possible at home with high-end portable pizza ovens like the Roccbox. While a typical home oven maxes out at around 550 degrees Fahrenheit, the Roccbox can heat up to 950 degrees fahrenheit, which cooks a pizza in about 60 seconds—way faster (and tastier) than the quickest delivery in town. Its great for the backyard, no matter the season. $599.