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EVENT PREVIEW: Ottawa’s Foodie Challenge brings together gourmands and restaurateurs to raise funds for Food Bank

Do you love food? Do you Instagram your every meal? Are you fascinated by the notion of chocolate-covered crickets and beer cupcakes? If so, then you are a foodie, and there is an event this weekend tailor-made for you.

Ottawa’s Foodie Challenge takes place on Saturday, May 25. For the admission price of $50, it’s a full day of palate-experimentation that’s sure to get your taste buds tingling.

It all starts at 9 a.m. at the Domicile Developments Sales Centre (222 Beechwood Ave.) with a breakfast provided by Art-is-in Bakery. After that, expect the unexpected.

OFC co-founder Carolynn Lacasse says some challenges will be harder than others — and thanks Domicile Developments for helping to grow this annual event. Photo by Miv Fournier.

Foodie Challenge cards will be given to every team of two entered. Teams have until 5 p.m. to complete as many challenges on the list as possible. We talked to event organizer Carolynn Lacasse about what participants can expect this year.

“Blind beer tasting, knife skill workshops, and food truck locating are some hints of check points on this year’s clue list,” says Lacasse. “A special component of the challenge is connecting our city’s food fanatics with restauranteurs, chefs, and owners they might not normally meet on a regular visit.”

Lacasse adds that she and event co-founder Larissa Beznaczuk-Smyrnew wanted to bring foodies and industry professional together to shine the spotlight on hunger in the region.

No cheating! All challenges must be photographed and submitted at the end of the day, at which time points will be totaled to determine the winning team.

The victors will rejoice their foodie feat when announcements are made at the closing ceremonies, which wil be held at Urban Element (424 Parkdale Ave.).

And if all of that intrigue, competition, and glory doesn’t spark your interest enough to get out there and taste the deliciousness that abounds in this city, know that all proceeds go to the Ottawa Food Bank. (Oh, and participants also receive an issue of Ottawa Magazine’s Eating and Drinking Guide!)

— Karen Ladouceur