THE DISH: Behold the wonders of smoked duck in a can!
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THE DISH: Behold the wonders of smoked duck in a can!


smoked meat plus duck equals a merger of Quebec's culinary icons

By Shawna Wagman

Just leave it to the creative gourmands behind a little Québécois preserved-food company to come up with the idea of crossing smoked meat with duck magret (the fattier, more flavourful breast meat of fowl that were force-fed and destined for foie gras). The chef of the former Montreal bistro known as Le Naked Lunch knew he was onto something when patrons became addicted to his sandwiches stuffed with smoked duck meat. Smoked meat plus duck — who wouldn’t be seduced by the merger of two Quebec culinary icons? You have to try it to believe it, but this stuff is even better than the sum of its parts. Chelsea’s Le Resto (528, Route 105, Chelsea, 819-827-5559) is serving it up on a toasted Art-is-In bun (with salad, $20), but it can also be purchased by the can at the counter or up the road at the sister smokehouse location. $20 for a 400 mL can (makes two or three sandwiches).

Also available at three Hull locations: Papilles gourmands (256, boul. Saint-Joseph), La Maison Bisson (2, boul. des Grives), and Les plaisirs gourmands sont simples (59, boul. Saint-Raymond).