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FUN WITH LENTILS! Chefs from Absinthe, Atelier, Murray Street, and The Wellington Gastropub compete in Fundelentil tour

THE CRUSADE: Food Day Canada champion Anita Stewart teams up with Canadian Lentils to launch a country-wide campaign to laud the humble lentil — versatile, protein-packed, and a huge crop for Saskatchewan farmers. She calls it “the homegrown ingredient of this century.” Phew! Heady stuff.

THE BATTLE: 24 chefs throw down the gauntlet, each whipping up a signature lentil dish that stays on the menu for the full month of June. Ottawa has four competitors. They made the dish! They made a video of them making their dish! They need your vote to win!


Patrick Garland, Absinthe: Moroccan lentil hararira with a bacon-wrapped quail stuffed with dried fruits and pistachios



Marc Lepine, Atelier: Red lentil fritter with duck, carrots, and beluga lentils


Steve Mitton, Murray Street: Lentil vegetarian shepherd’s pie


Chris Deraiche, The Wellington Gastropub: Stuffed and roasted saddle of rabbit, lentils braised with Beau’s Lugtread, pickled carrot, and mustard sauce



Atelier. Almost goes without saying. Chef Marc Lepine’s carrot rollercoaster frames a perfect lentil fritter and a little pool of lentils in their natural state, cooked in a mirepoix. The duck’s just a bonus. The combination of flavours? Sublime.

Atelier pairs lentils with a carrot roller coaster
Atelier pairs lentils with a carrot roller coaster

Murray Street. No surprise that variations of Chef Steve Mitton’s veg-herder’s pie are on permanent rotation on the menu. The lentil version sees them combined with ground mushrooms and quinoa for a truly brilliant texture.

Murray Street channels Grandma's kitchen
Murray Street channels Grandma’s kitchen

The Wellington Gastropbub. Sure, it’s all about the lentils, but Chef Chris Deraiche has also used the opportunity to get locals to try the under-appreciated rabbit (he sold over 100 portions in the first 15 days of June), perching it atop a small hill of lentils braised with beer. In the process, he creates a classic gastropub dish that manages to be simultaneously high-brow and unsnobby.

The Wellington Gastropub shines the spotlight on rabbit
The Wellington Gastropub shines the spotlight on rabbit

Absinthe. Lentils are flavour sponges, soaking up the seasonings around them. Chef Patrick Garland takes full advantage, designing a divine Moroccan lentil hararira redolent with ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric.

Absinthe goes spicy with a Moroccan themed dish
Absinthe goes spicy with a Moroccan themed dish


But don’t take our word for it. Go try them for yourself and vote for your favourite!

**The Fundelentils tour is promoted by Canadian Lentils, a division of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, a farmer-funded organization that works to advance the pulse industry in Saskatchewan.