Give the gift of beer! — From kozzies to clubs, the booming craft beer scene has gift and stocking stuffers aplenty
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Give the gift of beer! — From kozzies to clubs, the booming craft beer scene has gift and stocking stuffers aplenty

 Beer Koozie

BruMate’s Hopsulator is a technologically superior beer koozie that keeps beer 20 times colder than the average koozie. It’s also built to envelop both the tall cans and the 355-mL silver bullets. $17.   

Beer Club

Everyone loves to get mail, and by signing up to Brew Box, subscribers receive a curated shipment of Ontario craft beer delivered to their door monthly. It’s like Columbia House but better. Packages vary from $74 to $744.

Beer Toque

Headware from Beau’s brewery is ubiquitous among Ottawa residents: it seems everyone has a Beau’s trucker cap. For colder weather, trade in that cap for their retro pompomed toques, which celebrate their Vankleek Hill home. $25. 

Beer Flair

Kitchener-based graphic artist Jon Johnson has done fantastic design work for the beer industry — evident, once more, in his “Drink Local” and “Growler” pins, which can dress up your jacket with beery flair. $10.

Beer Book

Authors Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John are back for a second round of covering the province’s beer industry. The pair have condensed their impressive knowledge and passion for the brewing scene into a digestible reference book: The Ontario Craft Beer Guide, Second Edition. The duo visited and sampled beers from every brewery in Ontario and, as such, their guide provides a quick summary of our local breweries and their flagship beers. $15.

Beer Caddy

Local artisan Wilboro provides a fancy alternative to the shopping bag typically used to transport beer. Arrive at the party in style with their leather beer caddy. Available in a variety of colours. $85.   

Beer Backpacking

The Stanley Vacuum Growler is perfect for the home-brewers in your life who also like to take their brews wherever they go. This stainless- steel growler has a leak-proof lid and is double-vacuum-walled to ensure that 1.9 litres of beer stays cold for 16 hours. Weighing in at 1.18 kg, it’s lightweight enough for hikes and other adventures. $72.    

*Not actual colours shown
*Not actual colours shown

Beer Crush

This gift is a little outside the (blue) box, but as a fan of canned beer, I often find my recycling bin embarrassingly overflowing. A Starfrit Can Crusher helps reduce the space in your blue bin occupied by empty beer cans. Plus, it’s fun to crush cans! $20.

Beer Mitt

When keeping your beer cool is less concerning than ensuring your extremities don’t freeze, it’s time to don the Cozy Canadian Beer Mitt. This singular mitten is designed to keep your beer-handling hand warm while your brew stays cold. Great for outdoor-sports spectating or just winter imbibing. $17, or $25 with a matching regular mitt.  

Beer Sweaters

Dominion City brewery has teamed up with Muttonhead Apparel of Toronto to create a line of limited-edition sweaters. Designed to be gender-neutral in fit, the sweaters, which are manufactured in Canada, feature a retro-Canadiana aesthetic and Dominion’s tri-leaf logo. To celebrate the product’s launch, Dominion City will be releasing a special hazy pale ale in December. $135. 

Beer Tour

Brew Donkey has been touring visitors and locals to the region’s breweries for years in a school bus. Tours visit three to five breweries and can include stops at events, educational talks, food and — importantly — beer samples. Added bonus of these fun and educational tours: someone else drives! Tours range from $72 to $99.  

Beer Stemware

A statement piece for the beer aficionado, the Teku Glass is a wineglass designed for beer (it’s a European thing). The stem keeps the beer cool and away from sweaty palms, while its form accentuates the aromatics and its elegant lines confirm to others that you’re sophisticated. US$13.