FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Enjera, pupusas, croissants, and three more delectable breads
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FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Enjera, pupusas, croissants, and three more delectable breads

Think Global, Eat Local: Where to get the best breads.

Photo by Alex Brown, Flickr

Caribbean Patties
Caribbean Sweets and Treats (369 Lacasse St., 613-744-2446) sells Haitian-style patties, the flaky pastry filled with chicken, beef, or cod. $1.25. Caribbean Sizzler (133 Bank St., 613-569-7000,, meanwhile, entices with the “breadier” Jamaican variety stuffed with beef. $1.75. Call to order ahead (minimum a dozen; chicken available for special orders). – AC

Pa Jeon
Like our pancake, pa jeon uses wheat flour. But theirs is enormous — and beautiful — with green onions, baby shrimp, and calamari. Sweet with finely cut white onions, edges crispy from a hot fire. Dip into a soy sauce with unexpected Chinese herbs. $11.95 appetizer for two. Le Kim Chi, 420 Preston St., 613-233-2433, – CD

The Croissant
Benny’s Bistro is the restaurant in back of The French Baker. In the morning, you can stop in for your petit déjeuner, served Left Bank style. $7.35 for cappuccino and a fresh croissant; jam extra. 119 Murray St.,613-789-6797, – DD

Soft, large, and pancake-like, enjera is an edible base for a meal. Tear off a piece and use it to pinch up — and sop up — everything else. Lamb in berbere sauce with enjera is $8.99 at East African Restaurant, 376 Rideau St., 613-789-7397, – DD

Bread Pudding
A British classic — cubed bread baked in custard. Patty Boland’s is sweet and rich, studded with raisins, and napped with whisky butter. They’ve plated the pud sliced, so it looks like ordinary bread albeit full of cream and sugar. $4.50. Patty Boland’s Irish Carvery & Pub, 101 Clarence St., 613-789-7822, – CD

Piatto di Formaggio
Antonio Mauriello is particular about cheese. At DiVino’s, you may find mild Savello di Roma, sharp pecorino from Sicily, or Piedmont’s gorgeous gorgonzola. Add a few roasted almonds, dried cherries, a slice of perfect crostini. $14-$16. DiVino Wine Studio, 225 Preston St., 613-221-9760, – CD

El Salvador’s pupusa is a homemade corn tortilla formed around filling, then grilled. At La Cabaña, choose pork, cheese, or a combination of pork, cheese, and refried kidney beans. With curtido, a spicy coleslaw, utter satisfaction ensues. $4 for two. 848B Merivale Rd., 613-724-7762. – AC